Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bedwetting Alarms and bedwetting treatment/ By Dr. Jacob Sagie and Tal Sagie

Bedwetting normally happens during deep slumber. Parents regularly attempt to treat their children with the utilization of a bedwetting (enuresis) alarm, only to find that the alarm wakes up everyone in the house aside from the resting child. In Dr. Sagie's bedwetting centers ,almost 100% of the  parents reported that their child was a deep sleeper, yet the child still reacted well to the treatment offered. Bedwetting alerts are not intended to make a child get up during the night to use the restroom. Unfortunately, this is a normal misconception held by many.

Rather, the goal behind a bedwetting alarm is to condition the patient's reflexes. This reflex system is entirely subconscious, so it is unnecessary for the patient to be conscious in order for the treatment to work. With the treatment, the child figures out how to respond to the alarm sound, even in his or her sleep. Also, when the child does not get up, many parents are frequently advised to undertake some extra treatment methods that are paramount when it comes to the child's ultimate success.

It is approximated that the success rate of treatment using only the alarm is between 40% and 50%. An alarm alone is insufficient for most patients; rather, different procedures must be included in treatment as well. Firstly, it is important that a bedwetting alarm treatment does not last any more than five to six months. In a circumstance where the treatment keeps going longer, the child  gets to be so conditioned to it that, ultimately, its viability wears off. Moreover, this can disappoint the child and make him or her feel like the self esteem required to succeed without the alarm is not there. Likewise, constant use of the alarm treatment on its own could have a negative effect on future progress. Skepticism of the bedwetting alarm treatment and low self esteem can also have a negative impact on success.
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